Invite Your Friends To Join

I think this is a great cause, and I've noticed that no one is joining any more. So let's see what we can do to change that. Let's invite all of our friends to join, and start posting stories about our freedom and how many American Soldiers have fought for…Read More

"Freedom Isn't Free" is more than a politial statment, it's the truth!

When I created this cause, I did it because I was thinking of what my father went through during WW II, fighting the Nazis and the threats they posed to our freedoms, not to mention all the countries he already conquered over in Europe. They lost all their…Read More

Come tell us your stories...

Ok everyone, It seems that when they changed the look of the cause pages, they erased the comments you all posted, so I'm thinking if you have a story about how our freedoms were defended by a friend or family member you should come post them. Post all the…Read More

8 Years Ago Today Sept. 11, 2001. A Day I Will Never Forget!

 Eight years ago today, I will never forget getting that call at work from my Wife telling me what has just happened. Do I need to say any more? We should all remember that day well, it is etched into my brain forever! I will never forget that night after…Read More

Don't ever forget just why you have your freedom.

I would like to say, Ever since we fought for our freedom from England in the Revolutionary War, Young men and women from all walks of life fought hard for you to have the freedom to basically do what ever it is you want to do. So if you see a soldier…Read More
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