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Farmers Resource Network

In 2008, Farm Aid launched the Farmer Resource Network (FRN), an online searchable directory of over 525 family farm and rural service organizations across the country working to link farmers to the specific information, tools, and services they need. (To…Read More

Family Farm Disaster Fund

Right now we are working with farmers across the country who have been affected by lethal tornadoes, devastating flooding and severe drought. Farm Aid helps family farmers through these disasters by: -Providing emergency funds for families -Supporting…Read More

Farm Advocates Project: Farm Advocate professionals provide direct service to farmers in need

“Farm Advocate” is a general term that refers to farm support personnel who, as primary contacts for farm families in distress, combine skilled expertise, geographically specific farm know-how and deep concern for farmers’ welfare. The need for Farm…Read More

Neil Young Performs at Farm Aid 2011

Neil Young addresses the fight against "Factory Farms" before he plays the hit "Long May You Run" at Farm Aid 2011. Since 1985, more than 300 artists have volunteered their time and talent at the annual concerts to support Farm Aid's cause.

About Farm Aid

In 2010, Farm Aid experienced a record year in demand for our referral services (including our hotline, email service, and the FRN website) with over 3,590 referrals. This confirms Farm Aid’s expanding role in addressing farmer needs associated with crisis as…Read More
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