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Take action: Tell the EU not to abandon Libyan refugees

Tens of thousands of people are fleeing violence and persecution in Libya and seeking safety in neighboring countries. It is critical that member states of the European Union take an active part in addressing this growing humanitarian crisis. Sign petition…Read More

Amnesty International Petition: Middle East and North Africa: Stop supply of arms used in protest killings

Middle East and North Africa: Stop supply of arms used in protest killings The violence in Libya, where hundreds have been killed, including protesters exercising their right to freedom of expression, association and assembly, has escalated alarmingly into a…Read More

Avaaz Petition - Libya: Stop the Crackdown

In Libya, Colonel Qaddafi's armed forces are using machine guns and fighter jets against pro-democracy protesters -- hundreds have already been killed and, without immediate international action, the situation could spiral into a national bloodbath. The…Read More

Press Statement: Libya: UN must invoke ‘Responsibility to Protect’ to prevent unlawful

Johannesburg. 22 February 2011. The situation in Libya is escalating with mass killings of protestors, resulting in the commission of crimes against humanity. CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation calls upon the UN Security Council to invoke the…Read More

Will you go Barefoot Against Poverty? 10 December 2010

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights starts with the premises that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” Yet there are still 1.4 billion people living in extreme poverty, with insufficient food, water, healthcare, schooling…Read More
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