What is your favorite ENO campaign?

100 Million Trees by 2017 and ENO Tree Planting Day (94% people answered this) Climate Change Week (0% people answered this) Pick Up Litter Day (2% people answered this) Footprint Week (2% people answered this) Water Week (0% people answered this) …Read More

Special 10th ENO Tree Planting Day for Peace!

The First ENO Tree Planting Day took place 21 September 2004, UN Peace Day. Later same year Wangari Maathai received Nobel Peace Prize in 2004. Since then, the network has spread to 10 000 schools in 157 countries. Trees have been planted for peace every year…Read More

Vote ENO Green Cities Initiative in Rio Dialogues

ENO GREEN CITIES INITIATIVE IN RIO DIALOGUES, VOTE! Out of +10 000 experts and their ideas total 100 recommendations were chosen in Rio +20 Dialogues. Now, it is up to YOU to suggest which ones are most needed. There are 10 TOPICS. Vote your favourites and…Read More

Help ENO to have its voice heard in Rio +20!

We need you support ENO initiatives in Rio! Support following recommendation by ENO: A) Engage future generation to act for forests ( in category Forests ) B) Networking cities and schools to learn and work together towards sustainable development ( in…Read More

Vote for Helmi to sing in Rio Summit for forests!

ENO Song "Act Now - Forest Matters" is now one of the songs for Global Rockstar Contest. It is performed by Helmi, 11 yrs. We need your votes! Please vote her and share the link on your wall! Winner will sing her/his song in Rio +20 Summit! 1. Go…Read More


A Call For ENO National Coordinators 2013-15 How about to join a respected global team of committed educators as your country representative? National ENO coordinators promote and spread information about ENO activities in their countries and are in contact…Read More

ENO Academic Supervisory Board

ENO Academic Supervisory Board will be launched soon in the ENO Programme. Why? - to promote global networking on academic environmental undertakings - to evaluate the results of ENO - to establish interaction between academic research and activities on…Read More
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