Military dogs euthanized as 'equipment' under cruel law

roadside bombs and other hazards of war don't kill military dogs, senseless government regulations and red tape might. The United States is breeding 100 puppies a year to train for bomb sniffing and other soldierly duties, but many aren't making it back to…Read More

So my adventure begins....

found out there are 72 counties in Wisconsin! Gonna be making alot of phone calls to find out which shelters use gas chambers!!!! UHHHH! It's going to take alot of time, but I CAN DO IT! One woman show!!!

Letter from WI citizen

Letter: Ban animal gas chambers It is with deep regret that I must write to you regarding the current practice of using carbon monoxide gas chambers to euthanize animals. I was made aware of this barbaric practice from the Facebook group, "Take Action - Help…Read More


DEATH ROW inmates (varies by state) have a choice how to die. Gas chamber, firing squad, hanging, electric chair, and lethal injection. IT is NOT fair that animals that have done NOTHING wrong have NO choice in the majority of states. Won't you, my FRIENDS…Read More

Educate yourself and spread to others that gassing has got to STOP

This is hard to watch. BUT WE NEED TO! this has to stop! Help me spread the word PLEASE

I appreciate YOU!

I am truly blessed and honored and joyful so many have joined my cause. I appreciate each and everyone of you!!! thank you kindly for those of you that have recruited!


AVMA has realesed new state regulations regarding animal euthanasia as of Feb 2012. Sadly there has been NO change to Wisconsin's at all. This, sadly is what it STILL states "A political subdivision, a humane officer or a law enforcement officer who has…Read More


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