Honoring Mothers

For 30 years, the Mothers at MADD have made our roads safer, helped parents protect their kids from drinking underage, and consoled those left behind when tragedy strikes. If you know an amazing Mother, honor her this week by replacing your profile picture…Read More

Buckle Up for Life: Watch this video to learn how to install a child car seat

Research shows that three out of four child car seats are not installed properly.* Toyota believes that everyone deserves to be safe. Which is why, in 2004, we partnered with Cincinnati Children's to create Buckle Up for Life, a safety education program to…Read More

We have reached 10,000 members!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and for recruiting so many of your friends and family to this worthy cause. We have had a steady increase in members and hopefully that will continue to finish off the year and well into next year. Keep up the…Read More

Message to a member that I have banned due to innappropriate comments and utter disrespect.

I just wated to say, as the leader of the End Drunk Driving Cause, and as a rational human being, you have some nerve first of all joining a cause that you obviously don't support, and second of all, being so incredibly disrespectful on a public forum where…Read More
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