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Shawna Channelle
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Slowly mugshot companies are loosing support since the masses thinks it's wrong to use extortion on innocent people.

Mug shot extortion sites still up and running ... for now

Mug shot websites are all still accepting payments on those credit cards a week after credit card companies promised to cut ties. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) If you call Mugshots.com at 1-800-810-3965, you'll end up talking to a customer service representative who is willing to take your photo down, "as long as the arrest isn't for a harsh or heinous…Read More

I just saw this on Yahoo!! So interesting! Anyone in this predicament can finally sue!!

Busted! Mug Shot Web Sites Feeling the Heat

Yahoo News
For people who find their faces splashed across mug shot websites, even if they were later found innocent of the crimes, it can haunt them for the rest of their lives. Now, lawmakers and even credit card companies are stepping in to help protect people from further humiliation. Owners of mug shot websites will post the photos released by…Read More
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