Transforming Communities in Jesus name

Together we CAN make a difference..... Together we CAN transform Communities.... Together we CAN reached the unreached and save the lost!!

Empart Transforming Communities

To all my good friends, If you haven't already had a look, well now is the time. . Empart Australia exists to fuel the transformation of communities amongst the least reach people in Asia through indigenous church planters. It is an awesome…Read More

Encounter 2010

See the need - believe the message - live the hope - put yourself in the picture! Encounter is an international short term team experience for 100 people to visit India in November 2010 and view the work of Empart firsthand. Contact 1300 EMPART or email…Read More

Empart - Truly reaching the unreached......

One of the big surprises in 2008 was in the number of churches Empart has planted. We recently came to know that we had 1000 more churches than we have been reporting! (what a wonderful problem - I am so glad that this is this way rather than 1000 less!!).…Read More

India Short Term Trip - WOW

Hey gang, I have just returned from a Short Term Team to India. what a trip. what a place. what a life changing experience. The smell, the colours, the people, but more importantly their love for Jesus. Absolutely outstanding. All I can say is that we serve…Read More

Giving to Empart

To donate to the work of Empart, please use our website via this link:

Did You Know.....

Did you know that 68,000 people die daily that have never heard the name of Jesus? Did you know that almost 1/3 of the world unreached people groups are in North India? Did you know tha from whatit costs to send a missionary and fund them overseas you can…Read More
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