SIGN the Sandy Hook Global Sympathy Card

Remembering, A Call To Action

Let's take a moment today to post a message of support on our causes facebook wall to those who work so hard to ensure our freedoms. A positive message of support to our troops would mean so much to them. If you're feeling the need to do even more, why not…Read More

Invite a friend

If everyone signed up one friend to join the eMail Our Military cause, we'd double our support! Please invite a friend (or more) to join our cause today. Thanks so much! Trish

This Cause & Nasty eMails

Greetings! Yesterday, I received a particularly nasty and innacurate email from one the members on this cause. The email was directed at me personally, sent to my email address and it was related to the previous post dated June 9th @ 6:51 PM and titled…Read More

eMail Our Military Nominated for a Social Media Makeover - Help us Win

Help us win! We're currently ranked #66!! We can do this with your support. Would you help eMail Our Military win a 25K Social Media makeover by voting for us at CommuniCause: ? Your support means we'll be able to support more of our…Read More

Registering to eMail Our Military

Many have asked how they can register to email our military. You can register to support our troops through eMail Our Military at: Please share our cause with a friend and visit our website at…Read More

eMOM Registration Information Required

It has come to our attention that there are people who do not wish to go through the registration process in full to become eMOM members and support our troops. Unlike some other organizations, eMail Our Military requires that troop supporters provide basic…Read More
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