June 6 - Update

Recently our friends in Thailand informed us that there was some activity on the border by the Burmese Army. Below is a message from a staff member of Partners International. *************************************** 6th June 2009 We have just been informed…Read More


We just wanted to let everyone know of a couple events that we will be at next week. 2/16 @ 8pm - Bryan will be speaking at the "Another World Is Possible" conference in Morgantown, WV. You can get more information…Read More

eleho Update

We are winding down our latest trip out to the Thailand - Burma border. Check out our latest blog posts and pictures from inside Burma and around the border area at www.eleho.org/blog Help support eleho in your holiday shopping. Purchase a Burma shirt from…Read More

eleho Update

Hey everyone I just wanted to let you know that our time out here in Thailand has been amazing so far. We are documenting the whole trip so stay connected and take a look at our blog www.eleho.org/blog If you have any questions for us you can email us at…Read More

Meet the eleho Team

Take the time to get to know the eleho team that is traveling back to Thailand/Burma this summer. The first group is leaving in 3 weeks! http://www.eleho.org/bios.html

Summer Trip 2008

For those of you who do not know we are planning out our trip back this summer. Two teams will be heading back next month to continue in our documentation efforts as well go deeper in our research of the issues facing the people. We are working to raise the…Read More

PeaceLoveLife - Burma

Help support Eleho and continued production on The Road. Check out www.myspace.com/peacelovelifeworldwide for a new line of shirts for sale to raise support for us. Check it out, pick up a shirt, and tell your friends!!!
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