Hey western media, that was NOT a coup!

Help the Egyptian Democratic Academy (EDA) tell CNN, Newsweek, Fox News,The Guardian, Washington Post, and Huffington Post to stop referring to the removal of former President Morsy as a "coup d'etat'" by signing the petition:…Read More

وصلت هذه القضية 60,000 من المؤيدين

الأمور مختلفة كثيرا الآن من الوقت عندما بدأت هذه القضية. ومع ذلك، يبقى الهدف الرئيسي هو تحقيق العدالة لمصر وشعبها. حاليا، قد اصبح الرئيس مبارك وعائلته ومؤيدوه اما في السجن أو تحت الإقامة الجبرية في انتظار المحاكمات. قد تم تجميد ومصادرة أو عادة الكثير من…Read More

60k Supporters Reached

Things are much different now from the time when this cause was started. However, the ultimate objective remains to bring justice to Egypt and its people. Currently, ousted President Mubarak, his family and supporters are either in jail, under house arrest…Read More

40k Update

- It should be made very clear that the core purpose of this Cause (and all actions that stem from it) is to bring justice for Egypt and the Egyptian people. Therefore, the concepts of revenge and forgiveness towards the political establishment are…Read More


- The blood of Egyptian martyrs will not be in vain and can never be forgotten. The Egyptian government must be cleansed in its entirety. - Beware of counter-revolution plans being prepared in Sharm El Sheikh by ousted President Mubarak and his fellow men. -…Read More

First Message

To all supporters, Our Cause has reached over 22,000 members, and is growing exponentially with every second. This could not have been done without all your support. Already Swiss authorities have temporarily frozen all assets (including real estate) owned…Read More


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