Haiti and ECTA Website

Hey All - Also, as many of you have likely heard about in the news or from others, a terrible crisis has come upon Haiti today in the form of a 7.0+ earthquake which has left large portions of Haiti's impoverished population dead, dying, homeless, and…Read More

Help Support ECTA by Shopping for the Holiday's Online!

Hey All - As the end of the year nears we have seen amazing progress in our efforts to combat illness, poverty, injustice and associated causes of adversity in some of the most remote and impoverished parts of the world. Our primary health center in Kaffer…Read More

Story #1: Bad News vs. Good News

When people visit India, they often see bad news in every direction. Poverty. Hunger. Widespread disease. Lack of infrastructure. Corruption. Oppression. Despite the fact that all those things are clear and present realities, I can’t help but see good news…Read More

Will Work For Food

What images come to mind upon hearing the phrase "minimum wage"? The shaky hands of an elderly man dipping frozen fries into a deep fat fryer? A poorly complected teenage boy forlornly sanitizing a milk shake machine? A middle aged mother of three working the…Read More

The tools we need

Our new organization, ECTA, has been formed and we should have our 501c3 Non-Profit status confirmed by the beginning of July. Once this paperwork is complete we will be able to receive online donations through our www.ecta-international.org website and on…Read More


By the end of June/beginning of July all of our documentation will be complete and a "Donate Now" button will appear on our Facebook Causes site. All donations through this Cause will go directly to our organization and will be 100% tax deductible. Keep your…Read More
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