Family Dynasties Bind Politics in Philippines

Lifted from The New York Times By Carlos H. Conde Published: Friday, May 11, 2007 When Julian Resuello, the mayor of San Carlos, a small city in the northern Philippines, was killed by gunmen at a campaign rally on April 28, his brother quickly stepped into…Read More

Anti-dynasty bill as an election issue

Hello to all. I've just hit on an idea: what do you say we make an anti-political dynasty bill an election issue to give our cause more focus? This will also flush out the dishonest and insincere who are running for public office. Click on the link below…Read More


As prelude to the elections in 2010, this campaign is being waged against political dynasties that have been a bane in the productive development of our political life. It is high time to stop nepoticism and the monopoly of power by these political families…Read More

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