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Nick Magel

No means no. Unless you're Rush Limbaugh who thinks "no means yes if you know how to spot it."

Limbaugh on Sexual Assault: "No Means Yes If You Know How to Spot It"

The sweaty armpit of talk radio now fancies himself to be a "seduction" expert. On his show today, Rush Limbaugh decried Ohio State's new policy instructing students to get explicit, verbal consent before having sex, because "no means yes if you know how to spot it." The context for that statement doesn't help. Limbaugh apparently misses the good…Read More
Media Matters for America
Media Matters for America Campaign leader

The latest Rush Limbaugh conspiracy theory: the Obama administration made up a terrorist group for political reasons.

Conservative Media's Khorasan Conspiracy: Obama Administration Invented Terror Cell To Hide Its Al Qaeda Roots

Media Matters for America
Conservative media figures are accusing the Obama administration of "inventing" the Khorasan group following U.S. air strikes on the terror cell, claiming President Obama is deploying "propaganda" tools to hide the group's connection to al Qaeda. In reality, the intelligence community has been monitoring the Khorasan group for some time, and Obama…Read More
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