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Nominate Google for the #DropALECChallenge

Under pressure from climate activists, Microsoft has dumped notorious anti-climate group ALEC. Now it's Google's turn!

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    12,068 supporters combats the denial, distortion, and disinformation that block bold action on…Read More

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ALEC isn't just a bunch of climate-deniers; they specialize in re-writing legislation at the STATE level since the US Congress is…Read More

ALEC Exposed

Join the Conversation! ALEC TEXposed ALEC holds its 41st annual meeting in Dallas, Texas starting on Wednesday, July 30, 2014. At this largest of its three annual national conferences, state legislators from across the country will meet with corporate and special interest lobbyists behind closed doors to vote on "model" legislation to change state…Read More

Even our friends in Canada know something is fishy with ALEC's crafting of anti-environmental legislation they pass off to legislators.

An inside look at U.S. think tank's plans to undo environmental legislation | Toronto Star
Scientists are exaggerating the climate change crisis. There’s no need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions because the benefits of warmer temperatures outweigh the costs. Over-the-top environmental regulations are linked to such problems as suicide and drug abuse. These aren’t the ramblings of a right-wing conspiracy theorist, but the…Read More

The International Business Times keeps the spotlight on Google's ALEC ties.

Google Stance On Net Neutrality, Ties With Conservative Political Group, Worry Activists

International Business Times
Dozens of advocacy groups have signed a letter asking Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) to end its relationship with a political group that opposes the same net neutrality rules Google once supported. The letter comes at a time when technology companies have become increasingly outspoken in their opposition to repealing net neutrality while Google has…Read More

Bloomberg on the story.

Microsoft Leaves Lobbying Group Over Opposition to Renewable Energy

Bloomberg BNA
Climate BLOG Thursday, August 21, 2014 Microsoft Leaves Lobbying Group Over Opposition to Renewable Energy by Ari Natter ​ Microsoft Corp. has left the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) because of concerns about the lobbying group's opposition to renewable energy, a coalition of activist investor…Read More
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