One Minute to Win $5,000 for Lowering the Drinking Age!! We Need Help!!

Hey everyone!! The National Youth Rights Association, one of the nation's top organizations committed to lowering the drinking age is in an online contest right now where we can win $5,000 for the cause. All we need is for people to vote! It is easy! All you…Read More

Tell President Obama to Lower the Drinking Age

Without spending a dollar or spending an hour you can make a big difference in the fight to lower the drinking age. is looking for 10 new ideas to change the world. Lowering the drinking age is one of those ideas. Currently it is in 20th place,…Read More

Help Lower the Drinking Age on, We Need Your Vote!

The 21 year old drinking age doesn't work. You know it, NYRA knows it, Choose Responsibility knows it. Vote for this issue so the whole country can understand the harm that the 21 year old drinking age…Read More

Share Your Story

Hello, I hope you’re having a great New Year. Here at NYRA, we’re having an exciting one. Along with our Southeast Florida chapter, I am in the the midst of a campaign that began in 2008 to end the unconstitutional and illegally-enforced youth curfew in West…Read More

Attention Vermonters! Sign Petition to Lower Drinking Age!

Important new legislation has been introduced in Vermont that would start the process of lowering the drinking age in the state. There will be a committee hearing on January 21st to discuss the legislation and we need as many Vermonters to sign this petition…Read More

We Did It!!!! NYRA Won $25,000!!!

Thank you everyone who voted for us over the last four weeks! With your help we were one of the top 100 organizations in the Chase Community Giving contest! Thanks to you we won $25,000 for youth rights! This is a historic victory for this cause. NYRA was up…Read More

One Last Chance To Help

The contest has been extended one day. It ends tonight at midnight! Vote ASAP: We have one more chance to win $25,000 (and up to $1 million) for lowering the drinking age. The only thing that…Read More
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