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Laxmi’s Hit and Run Case an example of Animal cruelty in Nepal

Day 1: It was around 1 o’clock in the afternoon when we were driving towards Bafal and a group of kids caught my attention. They were playing around a huge black thing. When I looked carefully it was a cow. Right in front of the Kathmandu’s one of the…Read More

Light a Candle & Pray with Us for the people of Japan

The devastating day 11th of March 2011 and it is still really heartrending news of the loss of lives in Japan. Our deep condolences on the untimely death of the loving people due to unfortunate series of incidents. It is still really very shocking news for us…Read More

Adopt a Nepali Puppy

DREAMS team rescued Kali and we have adopted. She is intelligent, adorable and loving as anyother breed. The Nepali breed are as beautiful and as loyal as any other breed. They are very intelligent and have stronger immunity. Six beautiful puppies are in need…Read More

Today we lost the battle 20.03.2011

Today we lost the battle. --- After intensive care for all these five months, Nani gave up on herself. We both fought till the end but today morning Nani went to the better place. She is in peace. Early dawn we heard the news, by the time I reached there -…Read More

Nani thanks

We would like to thank Tarun Shrestha of Vet Link Tripureshwor, Partha Bir Jung Rana and Chanda Sherpa for donating Nani's medicine and supporting DREAMS. DREAMS will provide the Certificate of Appriciation to the donors and post the names on our website.…Read More

Thank You for Donating : Nani's medicine

We would like to thank Gajendra Rayamaji, Rajani Rana and our mate Miraj Shrestha for donating Nani's medicine. We require more of the same medicine. DREAMS will provide the Certificate of Appriciation to the donors and post the names on our website. Thank…Read More
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