Making It Happen

As simply as I can put it: Join Ambit and watch me build the

Annual State Renewal Due Now

Help me to keep the Dream Farm alive. The $200 annual renewal is now due. Please contribute at

Alteration to mission

After long and careful consideration, I am acting on the advice of a fellow professional in the direction of the mission of the Dream Farm. Since it's inception I have intended that the purpose of the Dream Farm was to empower people to adopt children…Read More

World AIDS Day - request for you to support the Dream Farm

It's a rough video, the editing is not perfect, I'm not an actor or director or even a writer for that matter. However, what is important comes through in this video. Please watch, it just over 2 minutes of your time. Then, please, visit http://DreamFarm.usRead More

ACTION PLAN / What it is going to take to get the Dream Farm started.

I'm making plans to move... I'm not sure when.. maybe a year or maybe less but my plan is to move to Oregon, set up a fostercare home and raise and adopt children. You can support me in this project at: 1) the organization needs to raise…Read More

The Dream Farm's state of Oregon registration renewed.

The Dream Farm's registration with the state of Oregon has been renewed. I am still committed to making the Dream Farm happen even if it takes a lot of little steps! I have 2 goals by December 1st. 1) Make a video explaining what the Dream Farm is and how I…Read More

The Dream Farm is my reason.

At the end of the day my "raison d'etre" is so that one day I will be able to move to Oregon and adopt a bunch of children. One year ago I was appealing to you to invite people to this cause so that we might build in numbers but results were only modest. I…Read More
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