Let Reading Inspire! $1 donation = $3 impact from now until June 30th!!!

An anonymous donor has expressed her interest in matching our donations: starting from June 17th, if Dream Corps is able to raise 10,000 RMB (~1,630 USD), then for every dollar raised she is willing to match 1 dollar. If Dream Corps is able to raise 20,000…Read More

Let Reading Inspire!

Our 2013 Summer Volunteer Program has officially kicked off in Beijing on May 25th as 78 volunteers and school librarians came together to receive training in child development, reading, and library management. To this date, we have built 43 libraries in 14…Read More

Build Libraries in Rural China this Summer!

这是河南邓州大曾小学的图书管理员王雪山。他同时还是大曾小学的校长。没想到吧?梦想行动的合作伙伴们,像王校长这样每天工作在第一线的基础教育工作者,每天都为我们带来惊喜。加入 #2013暑期志愿者项目 ,走近他们,结识他们!我们相信人与人的交流与理解是建立美好社会的基石!报名表请见:http://dreamcorps.org/zh/svp/svp1.html (http://dreamcorps.org/zh/svp/svp1.html) Meet the librarian of Dazeng Primary…Read More

2012 SVP Conclusion Forum Invitation

We invite all interested parties in the Beijing area to participate in our annual Summer Volunteer Program Conclusion Forum 欢迎梦想行动在北京地区的志愿者、支持者、关注者和大家的朋友们参加下周五、六的2012年暑期志愿者项目总结论坛。详情请见附图,有问题可以留言哦!上联:走过路过不要错过 下联:寻来觅去就在这里…Read More

2012 SVP Update

四川恒丰队已经抵达项目点:位于宜宾的恒丰中心校图书室。仔细看,可见志愿者们身后的黑板上是去年的志愿者留下的告别信和图书馆借阅制度。 Our 2012 SVP volunteers have arrived at Hengfeng Central School Library, Sichuan. The handwriting on the board behind them is from last year's SVP volunteers.

News from Our Sites

#甘肃十里铺#图书馆的马老师:图书馆定期开放,但是借阅卡还未发到学生手中。老师因为学校电脑的图书管理系统出了问题而无法定期上传借阅数据。希望梦想行动可以给学校捐赠一台新电脑及完善图书管理系统。 Gansu Shilipu Hui Elementary School Library: The library is open but the library cards haven’t yet been delivered to students. They have been experiencing some…Read More

2012 中国教育论坛年会 @ HarvardU

The 2012 China Education Symposium: May [email protected]http://cesas2012.eventbrite.com (Ends on Apr.30th) 2012 中国教育论坛年会:…Read More
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