Sindromes Causadas por Lessiones Quimicas el Medio Ambiente y Hongos en el Hogar

Hola, Les pido por favor que me ayuden a traer attention a nuestro suffrimiento y se unan a mi a Celebrar el Mes de Mayo en que reconocimos a Toxic Injury Awareness sindromes de MCS (SQM) EI (enfermedades del ambiente) CIRS-WDB (enfermedades causadas por…Read More

Stories of People Suffering from Toxic Injuries

May is Toxic Injury /MCS (TILT, EI) /TE / CIRS-WDB CFS, EMS, Awareness Month Please join me in bringing Awareness to our suffering due to toxins in our environments by leaving your stories so we may share our pain with others and help them understand how it…Read More

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Reflections by Dr. L. Christine Oliver and Alison Johnson

Christine Oliver, M.D.: Multiple chemical sensitivity, or MCS, is a multisystem disease that is characterized by symptoms associated with exposure to low levels of chemical vapors. These levels of exposure are commonly found in the ambient environment.…Read More

Electromagnetic Sensitivity : Neil Cherry Radio Show Part 1 Cell Phone Tower Controversies

In genetics genotoxicity describes a deleterious action on a cell's genetic material affecting its integrity. Genotoxic substances are known to be potentially mutagenic or carcinogenic, specifically those capable of causing genetic mutation and of…Read More

Homesick Trailer

In "Homesick", Susan takes viewers on a road trip to experience first hand how drastically this illness has altered the lives of its victims. Through her extensive research, which includes over thirty interviews, Susan explores the lives of doctors,…Read More

We need " YOUR" help to reach others and increase awareness to our Diseases

No one person is immune. I very quickly learned this in 2006 when my health spiraled out of control and I developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity among other diseases. But MCS is one of the most life altering illnesses along with CIRS-WDB (Chronic…Read More

THE CHALLENGE with MCS : Choose Friendships Over Fragrances - Chemical Sensitivities

Research done in 2004, 2005 and 2009 by Stanley M.Caress and Anne C. Steinemann "... found that nearly 38% of Americans report adverse effects when exposed to some kind of fragranced product." With approximately 310 million people in America in 2010, that is…Read More
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