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As the recently appointed National Security Advisor, we call on you to immediately end the PRISM program initiated by the National Security Agency under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Allowing for the NSA and FBI to have direct access into the servers of the seven largest internet companies across the globe is the largest breach of privacy in US history.  

This project began in 2007 and it will end in July of 2013 under your authority. Please take the necessary actions to terminate the PRISM program immediately.


Don't Spy on Me, Bro!

Do you use Google? Or Microsoft? Or Apple? Because the National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigations has been pulling data from the main servers of these internet companies in a program called PRISM over the last six years.

In an extreme breach of privacy the NSA has been collecting data from the American people without our consent. They have used this information in one out of every seven intelligence briefs, and in 1,477 of the President's Daily Briefs. [1]

So far, Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple have denied their participation in the PRISM program. [2] This discrepancy only increases the need for PRISM to be dismantled immediately. 

Please sign this petition to put pressure on Susan Rice to protect the privacy rights of all people who use these internet services!

Want to learn more about what gave the NSA license to track these services? It's the Patriot Act thrown into law shortly after 9/11. Learn more below. 

[1] Washington Post [2] TechCrunch [3] Info graphic: ACLU


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