July 2013 Surgery

On July 24, 2013, Jackson underwent massive surgery...from his hips to his feet. Jackson needed his hips rotated back into their sockets which meant (this is really bad) they had to cut both femurs to do that. He also needed extra bone added to the breaks on…Read More

3rd Grade

Jackson started 3rd grade this year. He will be mainstreamed for Math and Reading this year. He's already started Math in a regular class. So far so good. He's my inspiration.

First Vacation

Jackson went on his very first summer vacation this summer. Not only was it his first vacation, it was also the first time he had ever ridden on an airplane. He did a FANTASTIC job. I'm so proud of him and continue to be in pure amazement every single time he…Read More

Jackson's Surgery

Jackson's surgery went very well this time. He chose one red cast and one white cast in honor of his favorite football team...The Arizona Cardinals. Here he is, in his cast, with a smile on his face that lights up my whole world. Don't Ever Shake!!

Next Surgery Scheduled for Jackson

On October 19, 2011, Jackson is scheduled for yet another surgery. This time he will undergo Achilles Tendon lengthening on his RIGHT foot. He will be in a cast again. I will keep everyone updated as the day draws closer and after the surgery, of course. My…Read More

Blue Ribbons

Remember that this month, April, is Child Abuse Awareness month. Wear your blue ribbons to show your support for ending child abuse. There is NO excuse for harming a child. DON'T EVER SHAKE!!

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Jackson, my son, started the 1st grade this week! He will be 7 on Monday and is almost potty trained!! His Orthopedic Surgeon wants to inject Botox into his legs and arm to help with the CP. I feel very blessed this year!!!!
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