No Captive Dolphin Shows in the USA?

India recently banned the exploitation of dolphins (no dolphins in captivity). Would you be interested in leading a campaign asking US leaders to do the same? Please let me know if you are interested in launching a campaign on Causes (with support from our…Read More

Cesar Swims with Captive Dolphins Take a moment to comment on the article and let him know your thoughts on captive dolphin programs.

Link to Vote

My sincere apologies for the multiple emails, It seems the link in my previous email didn't work properly, so I want to be sure everyone has the correct link so they can vote! Thanks for your vote and your…Read More

Help Spread the Message About Captive Dolphin Programs by Voting for Me!

Hey everyone! I have a unique opportunity to travel the world promoting a travel agency, but first I must win a competition by receiving as many votes as possible to get into the running! This is a very public role if I'm chosen, and if given the…Read More

Pledge Slowdown...Please Invite Your Friends!!!

Hey everyone! Thanks for pledging to boycott captive dolphin programs! Please continue to show your support by inviting your friends to join the cause and help spread awareness! It only takes a couple of moments! For the dolphins!

Buy a Save Taiji Dolphins Wristband & Help End the Slaughter

Get a Save Taiji Dolphins wristband for $10 shipped to anywhere in the world. Ten percent of the proceeds will be donated to the Otsuchi Relief Fund and the rest will be used to help finance Steven Severson's trip to Taiji next season. Be sure to include…Read More

Five Minutes for the Dolphins

I'm asking that each member of this cause take five minutes of their time to ask their friends to promise not to patronize any business who exploit dolphins by inviting them to join this cause. It is each of our responsibility to raise awareness about this…Read More
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