Testicular Self Exam from the BBC

Here is a great video from the BBC on how to give yourself a testicular self exam and get past the giggles to the seriousness of this disease. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUVKN8tMpaE

Invite your friends

Remind your friends how important it is to talk about testicular cancer and for all guys to do a testicular self exam on a regular - at least monthly - basis.

Remembering Jay

My cousin, Jay, died this day from testicular cancer. He was 24 years old (he would have been 30 today). Cancer is not an old person's disease - testicular cancer mostly hits guys 18-34! Remember to check yourself at least once a month. There are videos…Read More

99% Survivable. Tell the guys in your life.

Invite your friends to join this cause. Remind someone you care about to check their balls today (a how-to video from the BBC is in the Cause page). Guys should do a self-exam every month. My cousin died of testicular cancer when he was 24. Testicular…Read More

99% Survival Rate... IF...

Testicular cancer is 99% survivable if caught early. But most guys don't know how to check, or don't report it when they notice something. Enough with the macho bs, it is time to get a grip, guys, and speak out about testicular cancer! Remind someone you…Read More

Guys, admit it... You care about your balls.

Do a testicular self exam and then ADD A MESSAGE to the discussion board "I Checked My Balls!" to let other guys know. Let's stand up together to say, yes I checked my balls. Let other guys know this is important. Let's take down the stigma that it is not…Read More
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