Sign Petition! Let's learn from Katrina. Fix nursing home preparedness now!

Did you know that at least 139 nursing home residents died because of Hurricane Katrina? Many died in their beds. A new Inspector General report found that nursing homes across the U.S. are still dangerously unprepared for disaster. I should not be writing…Read More

"Where Did The Money Go?" New Documentary on Haiti Relief

Disaster Accountability Project's reports after the Haiti earthquake were used in the making of this documentary, now airing on public television stations around the U.S./Europe! Consider hosting a screening/fundraiser for Disaster Accountability Project in…Read More

Make Sure Disaster Relief Reaches Those Who Need It Most

Over the last year, we witnessed horrific disasters that changed the lives of millions around the world. While earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes and tsunamis are inevitable, the loss of life, suffering, and damage that follows may be…Read More

Disaster Accountability extends beyond anniversaries.

Most 9/11 recommendations have been implemented. What about Hurricane Katrina's? Support Disaster Accountability.

Something that you can invest + believe in!

Today is your last chance to make a 2010 gift to Disaster Accountability Project. As you decide where to donate, celebrate how far we've come in 2010 and be a part of our successes in 2011. Please make a tax-deductible donation…Read More

Help Disaster Accountability take center-stage for 1st Haiti quake anniversary

In the last month, our "We donated to Haiti relief and we're angry"petition was featured in the Huffington Post and Chronicle of Philanthropy and our efforts were mentioned on Al Jazeera English and USA Today. Our accountability message is…Read More

Make a donation today and improve disaster relief for millions.

Would you consider making a tax-deductible donation today if I could convince you that we would leverage your donation to help millions after a disaster? Please donate here: I started the Disaster Accountability…Read More
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