No More Cuts to Disability Services

Hi Everyone, Governor Cuomo in New York has just proposed a huge budget cut of $240 million dollars to services that provide essential assistance and programs to people with developmental disabilities. This petition is going to be delivered on Monday in…Read More

Help us with the Disability Hate Crime Conference.

We need your support with the disability hate crime conference being held in Birmingham on 14th September. Please let anyone who you think may be interested to get in touch with us via We have now reached 1500 people…Read More

Up, up and over that way: The Stop Disability Hate Crime Cause is growing.

It’s been just under over a month since the Stop Disability Hate Crime cause has started, and we’ve reached nearly 1400 people. I don’t think I have to tell you how great that is! One of the reasons for this cause was to promote a Disability Hate Crime…Read More

Attacks against the Stop Disability Hate Crime Cause

People are very selfish. It’s an old cliché that everyone is out for themselves, but clichés are clichés for a reason. It’s a harsh truth that everyone must learn, but most people are only interested in their own well being, their state of content frustration…Read More

The Top Recruiters and People of the Stop Disability Hate Crime project.

Thank you every one for spreading the word. Really, it’s touching and impressive how much all of you have dedicated your time to spreading the awareness of this cause. Just to give an update of how it’s going, the top recruiters are Clenton Farquharson,…Read More

Stop Disability Hate Crime Video

Well done to everybody who's invited someone to join the Stop Disability Hate Crime cause, we're now 500 strong which is wonderful news. Even more good news as well, the Stop Disability Hate Crime Project's full video is now up on the home page of…Read More

Disability Hate Crime Audio Spot

Over the past week, the Stop Disability Hate Crime cause has grown from just 20 or 30 people to 487 at 2 o’clock on Monday 5th July. This is fantastic, thank you all so much for contributing and for taking part and spreading the word. If you click on this…Read More
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