How did Dick Gordon spend his Christmas?

Paul Farol just posted a link to your cause, Dick Gordon for President in 2010 ( No feasting. No revelry. No vacation. The holidays spent rescuing calamity victims and bringing relief and comfort to those…Read More

Gordon to run for President in 2010, filed COC today Gordon announces presidential bid, BF as running mate for 2010 polls With a vision to effect genuine change for the nation, Senator Richard Gordon and former Metropolitan…Read More

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talk to a real leader... follow richard gordon on twitter   Paul Farol Cause Creator


Dick Gordon is a real leader because he knows where to take our country and how to take our country there. He has a vision, he has a plan, he has the skills and the talent. He has prepared to lead the country since he was a kid and he is ready... Not like…Read More

Gordon vs. Noynoy on Track Record

 It's a no contest. Find out why on,-noynoy,-where-to-.htm   Paul Farol Cause Creator

Atenean? See how you helped Red Cross.

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