Protests Wed 10 at Emory Univ. and Thurs 10 am at Grady

via Protest Grady Dialysis Cuts FB Cause/Group Sahaja Bandari August 22 at 9:52pm Reply Hey Guys, If you haven't already, SIGN the Petition at Grady has informed approximately 40 dialysis patients that…Read More

View Video of Ade Abner Grady Dialysis Patient

about impending death sentence Aug 31 2010 with end of dialysis

Power of Doctors Erodes.. death sentence approaches.. List of CEOs involved...


The Grady Dialysis patients were given a death sentence when the dialysis center was closed. After protests arose they paid for a one year contract to private dialysis company Frisenius. That contract is scheduled to expire August 31. So far at least one…Read More

Update on closing of dialysis clinic. Judge: "Patients have no constitutional rights"

Clinic closed. Articles in WSJ, NYT, AJC, APN, WW   Doug Bremner Cause Creator

Court hearing, ruling today or tomorrow

Judge heard arguments today for not closing Grady dialysis clinic. Clinic open until today via temporary restraining order for closing. I attended. Arguments for Grady, pts dont have right to healthcare (oh really?). Grady not obligated to treat. Argument for…Read More

Court injunction, hearing and protest tomorrow

Last week I wrote about the situation of the Grady dialysis clinic which the Grady Board voted to close last week. This means certain death for patients treated there without insurance as the private dialysis clinics won’t treat the patients, and emergency…Read More
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