http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/urgent-stop-the-hanging-of-four-men-for-sodomy-in-i.html Four men named "Saadat Arefi", "Vahid Akbari", "Javid Akbari" and "Houshmand Akbari" are due to be executed shortly after their verdict was approved recently by high…Read More

Historic vote extends EU asylum standards to transgender people

Today the European Parliament formally adopted a new set of asylum rules for the European Union. The binding rules now include gender identity as a ground of persecution, which EU Member States must take into account. Governments have already agreed to the…Read More

European Parliament resolution of 28 September 2011 on human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity at the United Nations

The European Parliament , – having regard to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to the European Convention on Human Rights, and to the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, – having regard to UN General Assembly Resolution A/RES/60/251 establishing the…Read More

Pope Calls for Unity Against Same-Sex Marriage

Pope Benedict XVI called for Christians to unite behind the idea that marriage is between one man and one woman during a visit to Germany. He described the Catholic Church's beliefs as facing a number of threats, and he included same-sex marriage on the…Read More

Arcigay warns of a dangerous drift as Italian Parliament rejects anti-homophobia law

Today, the Italian Parliament approved a motion that states that the anti-homo/transphobia draft bill is against the Italian Constitution. Therefore, the Parliament rejected the law by blocking any further discussions on the matter. Arcigay considers this act…Read More

Russian police arrest 14 gay rights campaigners in St Petersburg

Russian police have arrested and charged up to 14 LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) activists who were attempting to hold a demonstration in St Petersburg. An AP photographer reports that police arrested several others who were accused of attacking the…Read More

New York governor signs law approving gay marriage

(Reuters) - Governor Andrew Cuomo made same-sex marriages legal in New York on Friday, a key victory for gay rights ahead of the 2012 presidential and congressional elections. New York will become the sixth and most populous U.S. state to allow gay marriage.…Read More
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