High honors

I am going to recommend to Admiral Motti for the promotion of troops: Bo Dalgaard Andersen 128 recruited Joey E. Eguia M.D. 120 recruited Both have served the Emperor well and deserve commendation. Thank you soldiers.

The Emperor is very pleased.

Members, Congratulations are in order as we have now passed the 10,000 member mark. This is quite an accomplishment and a huge blow to the puny Rebellion. However, it seems there has been a resurgence of Rebels on the outer rim of the Yavin system. We have…Read More

Rebuilding the Death Star

Great work troopers! This cause is almost to 6500 members. Lord Vader is most impressed. Please invite your friends to the cause. Long live the Empire! TD-2243, Empire City Garrison

We have passed the 2,000 member mark

Supporters, Your help in this cause is coming to fruition. The Emperor is very pleased with the progress. Keep up the recruiting Troops. For the Empire! TD-2243


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