Special Use Permit APPROVED by City Council

The Special Use Permit was approved tonight by the City Council 6 to 1. Next step is to obtain 501C3 status and then Fundraiser. This is very exciting news for all of us especially those who have been following since the beginning. Keep an eye out on…Read More

Special Use Permit for Dresser Road Site

Hey people, we need a little help to show your support. The DeKalb City Council will be deciding on the Special Use Permit for the dog park site on Dresser Road. (previously posted the park plan). We need about 15 people to attend the meeting to show your…Read More

Sycamore Park District Citizen's Advisory Committee meeting last Thursday

Dear Fellow Dog Lovers - At the Sycamore Park District Citizen's Advisory Committee meeting last Thursday morning, it was decided, along with the approval from the Sycamore Park District Board of Directors, that we reopen the investigation of the 2 acre…Read More

Letter from Dennis Lane regarding the confusion of which site

Dear Fellow Dog Lovers - After my latest update of the dog park, I received numerous replies about the length of time it has been since our first meeting to establish a dog park. I can assure you, no one is more disappointed than I am. I really thought we…Read More

Moving Forward

Possible new site. Looks terrific! Now on to administrative duties. Visit often for updates.

DeKalb & Sycamore to possibly join forces

 Last night 11/4/09, there was a meeting held between the two groups of supporters for a Dog Park in our local area. It was decided that these two groups join forces and approach the city of DeKalb in hopes of gaining a larger, more centralized location for…Read More


Hello Everyone... Just a recap of last night's meeting for those who could not attend... The land designated for the park will be off of Airport Road on the far South East portion of the park. They've alotted approximately 1.2 acres for the dogs. A few…Read More
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