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Dawn DeAngelo

Am here for anyone whom needs me.

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Dawn DeAngelo

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End New York's Law Protecting Rapists Of Children

I can sit here and tell you my story all day but that won't change the facts of abuse and lower the percentage of cases in each state nor do anything but state the facts that am an 18 year sexual abuse survivor but let's raise awareness that the reality of Sex crimes is just all to close to home fir us all and wheal I hope you never suffer how I had sence I was five and half years old into my.early adult years over 18. This very seriously frightening crime is just going to end by wishing the world abuse free. For many it's a life you'll only be thankful if you never been raped it am effects your stability, relationships,friends,and your families and whom suffers most is the actual crime victims but this is only just an example of intro into the idea of what rape and being a crime victims all about like the table of constants in a book. I can't tell you only a slight part of what it's like because Its something you couldn't understand clearly unless you'd been and are a crime victim yourselves. Good news is your not alone, and you can be if you want an advocate fir others and a survivor of this cold and all to real reality most of us if we could would love to trade with others whom aren't abused but are grateful that if you had the lives we lost your not a victim. If you are your not a victim but if mind your a survivor if you want it bad enough and you can live normal lives again or Luke me get help fir it and find normal, safe and stable life even if it's for first time it's possible and on you. How to end abuse and States protecting offenders just by your stories and your voice to empower others. Wheal am fortionate to have it very good with Florida and Ohio laws and am cops best friend with out being a cop myself it came at a price of true pain, suffering, UN covered lies I was told by my abusers and others out side the cops and the stress that I want loved by anyone else but the police I thought my family didn't want me no more because I was abused and my abusers they made me feel that and but ow. my own fathe. Was the worst because family abusing you and your mother and she tries to protect her batterer and your father or and second rapest, That stress causes the pain I never want no one to ever feel because it's above the knowledge of your his victim that he's meant to comfort you but can't because he's whom you fear. I know now my family always did love me and my cousins one of our cops so I feel even more love now than back than and am true my blessed with true friends from nit only the force but all walks of life and family more than 30 plus relieves that would do anything to let me know the truth host am more than loved am a true testament of something more than just a victim in a house of heal or Taylor parks of tare and wheel fatherless my friends both police and citizens and my family remind me daily that am forcenate to have them and Ya all on fb also. NYC or Ohio or any were else this can be you too. Don't protect offenders NYC and same for its residences you not New York have to ban together and set the record strait show the state what right by the law and you and it your rights is. Thats how and another thing your not alone were all no matter were we're at are in the same boat believe the truth or don't but change starts with you all not your state or countries because their waiting on you for your leadership not theirs.

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