Changes made to the Board of Directors

Some changes have been made to our Board of Directors. Our Board is as Follows: Lynnette Hummel Trisha Harkins Terri Quinn Jessica Sellers Bert Von Roemer Our Board is completely volunteers and they receive no compensation for the work they do on this…Read More


ATTENTION HORSE LOVERS: 2 gentle, beautiful, wonderful geldings need your help. Jasper is an older kid broke gelding, super sweet. Hot Rod is an own son of Last Detail! We have 48 hours to raise $800 before the broker will want them back! Tax deductible…Read More

New Horses on the Kill Lot

We have 2 kid broke geldings on the broker lot hoping to be saved. There is also a mini donkey jack named Floyd. He was used in kid's rodeo as a bucking donkey, but has bucked his last and is on the broker lot. $875 is needed to bail these guys out. If you…Read More

New Load of Horses Coming in for Slaughter. Please Help!

Amarillo Horse Auction this weekend, on Monday the broker lot will be FILLED with good horses waiting on the truck. Donate now so we can save some of these horses before it's too late. To donate go to and use the…Read More

Donation Update

While we get all our paperwork together for Paypal so they will upgrade us to a Business Nonprofit account, we will still be taking donations. Bert Von Roemer, one of our Directors, has been so kind as to offer us his website to gather donations. SO until I…Read More

Big Time Luck is a Hard Luck Case

Last week a member of our Cause, Dancing Hooves, took a gelding to the very kill broker we rescue from. I spoke to her, I was polite, even sympathetic trying to understand why she would come to this decision. She told me that he was in pain from an old…Read More

Quarter Horse are NOT Cattle

If you throw a stone in Texas you are likely to hit at least 2 people belonging to some rescue group. Some of them like to specialize in one breed like Arabians, Fresians, Belgians, Minis, and so on. Two breeds of horse make up the largest sent to slaughter…Read More
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