Closure of our campaign

The time to close our campaign has arrived (passed?) so it will be closed or deleted ASAP

Cuttlefish numbers may be on the rise this season

Cuttlefish numbers may be on the rise this season. See . Hopefully they're on the road to recovery. Tony Bramley says that they are still under-sized, but at least we…Read More

How many cuttlefish are being seen just now?

There ought to be a few cuttles around just now. What sort of numbers are being seen?

State Govt. funding for cuttlefish

The SA Govt. has increased its funding for cuttlefish research by another $50,000. $200,000 has now been pledged towards monitoring & investigating the reasons behind the decline of giant cuttlefish in northern Spencer Gulf.


Cuttlefish breathed a collective sigh of relief at the recent announcements that BHP Billiton will not be expanding Olympic Dam and Deepak Fertilisers are not going ahead with its proposed ammonium nitrate plant near Whyalla.

Mark Parnell says that the SA State Government must immediately set up an emergency taskforce to tackle the massive decline in Cuttlefish numbers at Point Lowly

According to the web page found at , “The annual breeding congregation of the Giant Australian Cuttlefish (Sepia apama) at Point Lowly is the world's only known mass cuttlefish spawning aggregation. Scientists and…Read More

CON. COUNCIL OF SA calling for immediate ban on fishing & recovery action plan to be implemented

According to the PRESIDENT & CHIEF EXECUTIVE'S REPORT TO THE CONSERVATION COUNCIL OF SA, their "activities for the protection of the Giant Australian Cuttlefish in advance of the 2013 breeding season (that is just a couple of months away) have included…Read More
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