Our petition

Dear Members, Our oceans are in a terrible state of health. We have to realize this, and we must create a plan to reverse this current situation. Curacao Nature Conservation and Amigu di Tera are contributing to a healthy ocean, and plead for effective…Read More

short questionnaire

Dear all members, I would like to invite you all to fill out a small questionnaire for my sister. She is a fourth year student in communication management. She is currently writing her thesis, and would be delighted if you can fill out this short…Read More

Happy Earth Day!

APRIL 22 is Earth Day! Today marks the 39th anniversary of the first Earth Day, a day designed to encourage appreciation for the Earth's environment. But being a good environmental citizen is a year-round effort, and we would like to express our appreciation…Read More


Nature Walk

The Curacao Nature Conservation would like to remind everyone of our walk this Sunday! Don’t remember why you should come? Then check out our video. Remember to bring all your friends and family, and wear a white T-shirt. Koredor (The water factory next to…Read More

Curacao Nature Conservation Walk

The Curacao nature conservation invites you to their first walk! Why this walk? Well maybe it’s because if developers get their way, over 15% of Curacao’s most important breeding grounds will be destroyed... Or maybe it is because one of the only mangrove…Read More

Devastating news

Welcome everyone! It’s so great to see that so many people have joined us on facebook! Now that we finally have a substantial number of members, it is time to get active. And an active organization we do plan to be! Many of you were horribly shocked when…Read More
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