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C-SNIP's Summer Saftey Tip for your Pet!

As the temps heat up, here's an important reminder for pet owners. Give them lots of shade and water when it's hot out. You should also monitor your pet. If they're breathing heavily, or acting irregularly, you should contact your veterinarian. Animals can…Read More


Hello C-SNIP Cause Members!! Anyone who has been to the C-SNIP clinic lately has seen the massive mud pit on the side of our building. This is the area that our clients and staff members park, our dogs walk, and the outdoor animals hunt. This area has become…Read More

C-SNIP Friend Drive

Happy Monday! C-SNIP's goal this week is to increase our facebook friends by at least 100 people!! Please help us achieve our goal, send a notice to your friends, or post this on your page. Every person helps C-SNIP!! Thank you, and have a GREAT week! -C-SNIP

Spring is Almost Here!!!

Spring is Almost Here! Everyone knows when spring is in the air. The sun shines just a little longer, the flowers begin to bloom, and the birds and the bees begin fluttering about. Although this time of year is beautiful and exciting, it also marks the birth…Read More

National Spay & Neuter Month...Finally a Reason to Celebrate!

Good Morning C-SNIP Cause Members, Happy National Spay and Neuter Month! February is a great month! It is a month of education about spay and neuter, fundraising to continue spay and neuter, and…of course…spaying and neutering the animals of West Michigan.…Read More

C-SNIP 2010 Resolution

HAPPY 2010 C-SNIP CAUSE MEMBERS! Everyone at C-SNIP would like to thank you for all of your Holiday Wishes. Now that it is 2010, C-SNIP is ready to reveal our 2010 resolution…drum roll please… “Let’s SNIP OUT Overpopulation!” To kick off our 2010 year,…Read More
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