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As an animal advocacy movement, we use the power of media to expose the truth of animal cruelty in our society, as well as promote petitions for the mandate of congressional bills for animal rights. We have been fighting for the rights and welfare of animals…Read More

The Face of the Fur Industry

This is the face of the fur industry. We must give rise to the indivisible TRUTH to usher in the AWAKENING. Silence will not protect them. We cannot fight this fight alone. We are in need of critical funds for our advocacy work to expose the truth through…Read More

The War on Nonhumans at a Critical Mass

The war on the nonhuman species is at a critical mass and is the greatest social justice issue of our time.  It is, in fact, a ‘soul’ issue perpetuated by an egocentric society devoid of conscience. Justice is the moral imperative of our time.   We are at…Read More

Help Us Expose the Truth. Silence Will Not Protect Them.

"I AM THE VOICE OF THE VOICELESS.  I SHALL FIGHT THEIR FIGHT… AND SPEAK THE WORD FOR BEAST AND BIRD TIL THE WORLD SHALL SET THINGS RIGHT."  - Ella Wheeler Wilcox We are an animal activist movement using the power of media to expose the truth of…Read More

Klatki: The Hidden Farms of Europe

This is the Official Trailer for Klatki: The Hidden Farms of Europe. The film will be released online February 1, 2018. YouTube: Fur has made an insidious comeback in Europe. Klatki is a short documentary…Read More


THOUSANDS OF BABY SEALS WILL LOSE THEIR LIVES IN THE MOST HORRIFIC WAYS IMAGINABLE FOR THE SAKE OF VANITY & GREED Beginning today, April 11, sealers were officially allowed to kill seal pups in their annual massacre, which they call a “hunt” which could…Read More


“The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality." - Arthur…Read More
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