A Special deal for our Special Supporters!

Dear [Donor First Name], Thanks again for your support of Mariana and Not For Sale Romania! As a special Thank you for your gift, we want to offer a discount on attendance at the 2011 Global Forum on Human Trafficking…Read More

Raise Hope for Amsterdam: A Call for Help

I can't believe they've rescued 44 women from sex slavery in Amsterdam, but these poor girls are just "parked" in a shelter someplace because they don't have the funds to nurse them back to health. Can you just imagine 44 women in a room someplace, freshly…Read More

10,000 Push-ups in the Bag!

All done. And I'll be doing it all again next year! To keep in the loop, subscribe to Crush Slavery News: http://j.mp/crushslaverynews and http://twitter.com/#!/harvest316 My hearty thanks to the folks that joined me in the campaign. Together, we can crush…Read More

Nearly done - for now...

Only 300 push-ups and 27 million slaves to go! But this life-long cause is just getting started - we'll be doing it again even larger next year. Over the 100 days, I've reached about 40,000 people live in Martin Place, 17,000 via facebook, and 11,600 via…Read More

100 Members!

Congratulations, people! We've just reached 100 members. A hundred thank-yous for your support. :) I'm at 2600 push-ups and counting! PaulH

Email Your Friends

Want to really help the cause? Would you consider sending this email to all your friends? Dear All, I wonder if you've seen Paul the Push-ups Guy in Martin Place recently? I'd like to tell you about his "10,000 Push-ups to Crush Slavery" campaign, at…Read More

2000 in the bag! 8000 to go!

Reached 2000 push-ups today. But why am I doing it? http://love146.org/love-story couldn't say it better.
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