Voting for CFC

I've found that the shortcut I posted doesn't work very well so use the original link of then type in Crohn's Fight Club in the search box for our ballot. Also remember you can vote for our cause once a day. I also recommend…Read More

Voting Info

Hello All: I found a short cut for voting for CFC in the Pepsi Project. All you need to type into your own search bar is..... This will bring you right to our ballot to vote. Remember to get your friends,…Read More

Pepsi Grant Voting Info

Hey Everyone: I have the information for you on how to vote for CFC and help us get this grant. Go to once your on the page just type in Crohn's Fight Club in the search box and our page will come up. Please vote now and often…Read More

Update on the Pepsi Grant

Hey Everyone: I just wanted to update everyone about the Pepsi grant. The voting will be starting soon and I'm just waiting for Pepsi to send me all the voting information so I can pass it on to you. While we wait please think of everyone you can to ask them…Read More

The Pepsi Refresh Project

To all of the Crohn's Fight Club Supporters: I have some great news to share with you. If you recall the last message I wrote about applying for a grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project. Well I got an email from Pepsi and they have approved our cause for the…Read More

Crohn's Fight Club needs your help

To all of our supporters: I'm not sure how many of you have heard about this grant program that Pepsi is running right now. It is called The Pepsi Refresh Project and the way it works is you submit a proposal for your cause then the public votes for the…Read More

eBay Sale

So far so good the EBay sale is having moderate success. I will be working over the course of this week to add some great items for sale. This will include some great autographed items from my own personal collection. All the autographed items will come with…Read More
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