New PO Box Soon for Donations & New Video Out!

 Greetings all! I just wanted to say that I just recently acquired a new PO Box specifically for collecting donations. I will have the mailing information available soon... as I know that a lot of you have had problems using the PayPal as well as their…Read More

The Documentary's Home on Facebook and more!

I've decided to begin filming my Transition as well as parallel experiences of other TransFolk of different age groups and cultural backgrounds in the hopes of bringing our stories to light. Please take a second to check out the Documentary's home on…Read More

I Need Your Support -- Fundraising for a Video Camera (KEEP READING!) :)

Dear All, I'm putting together a documentary on my Transition/Transformation! I'm asking for your support in purchasing a digital camcorder (a Flip MINO) for carrying out this project! Show you care by donating today! The documentary will be a multi-year…Read More
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