A Special Offer for Creation Sunday Cause members

Well, it looks like Facebook finally fixed my technical issue and allowed me to rename the group so that it didn't look dated. They simply didn't bother informing that they'd fixed it... Ah well. Today is Creation Sunday 2015 and I'd like to offer past…Read More

Like us on facebook at facebook.com/creationsunday

As stated in an earlier update, we will be deleting this Cause [due to a rather unfortunate technical issue] and will be moving it to a Facebook page. Be sure to 'Like' the new Creation Sunday facebook page to get all of the latest news on Creation Sunday…Read More

The Creation Sunday Cause is Moving!

Due to a technical issue with the Causes app, this Creation Sunday cause will be moving to a Facebook page all of its own. Please Like us at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Creation-Sunday/207763489239763 to join the current group. We apologize for the…Read More

Creation Sunday 2012

Next year's Creation Sunday is scheduled for Feb 12, 2012. We expect a big push from the Evolution Sunday, which takes place on the same date, crowd because this is also the anniversary of Charles Darwin's birthday; this means they'll combine forces with…Read More

If You Know of a Creation Sunday Celebration in Your Area, Let Others Know About It!

Creation Sunday 2011 [Feb 13th] is just a few short weeks away. One of our goals has always been to both encourage folks to celebrate a Creation Sunday rather than an Evolution Sunday AND, if possible, to spread the word about churches who are participating…Read More

Creation Sunday 2011 & Christmas

Creation Sunday 2011 [Feb 13th] is fast approaching, so I thought I'd drop a quick bulletin before the Christmas holiday begins. This week, churches across USAmerica and the world will dedicate at least one service to the Incarnation. We’ll celebrate God…Read More

Christian Clergy: Is YOUR Signature Missing?

I'll lay it out to you straight. Atheist Zimmerman's pro-evolution Clergy Letter Project, the guys who gave us Evolution Sunday, has over 12,500 clergy signatures who affirm evolution and denigrated God's revealed Word in Genesis to mere "teaching stories"…Read More
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