CPB Goes on Vacation - Officially, Hopefully Not Permanently

http://committeetoprotectbloggers.org/2009/06/02/closing-time-for-the-committee-to-protect-bloggers/ As I posted here before, I have had to withdraw from the CPB in order to search for work. Between my lack of work and the demands of the work our deputy…Read More

Let the first blogger to die in prison be the last.

A number of us with concerns regarding the safety and liberty of our fellow bloggers have started the March 18 Movement. It's what we have in common despite our many differences. "Let the first blogger to die in prison be the…Read More

Bad News

I have some very bad news. I was laid off at the end of January but always thought I would find new work. That has not happened. I am now face-to-face with the reality that if I do not spend every single waking minute in the pursuit of a new job we will wind…Read More

CPB to Leave Facebook?

Hey Memberinos: We've got a problem. Between, Facebook giving up user info to the Moroccan secret police http://is.gd/zlvs and telling us he'd violated terms of service. They will however, allow Nazis to use their services, declaring it not to violate their…Read More

CPB t-shirt contest

Hey Memberinos: We're doing a contest for our first CPB t-shirt. Please check out our post. http://is.gd/uiTJ

Oh! and we're on FriendFeed too...

CPB on the web

Hi members: Want to remind you of where we are online. If you use any of these tools, and you would be so good as to follow | friend us, we will do the same to you. Blog: http://committeetoprotectbloggers.org/ Delicious: http://delicious.com/cpb Editor's…Read More
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