Team Courage Needs You

We Sure do need your help, even $5.00, we are so close. Please help us get to Barstow AND FUND 10 Mammograms.

Updated Website and Serious Fund Drive

Dear Supporters of The Courage Cause! Thank you so much for supporting our cause, and spreading the word about our sites. We've reached an amazing number of people over the last few months, and I thank you for your help very much. The Courage blog has been…Read More

600 Courageous Members!

Thank you all for your support, and for joining the Courage Is My Strength Cause. We reached 600 members today! We have so many wonderful projects on the horizon for next year! We need your help to boost our Cause so that potential sponsors can see that you…Read More

Race for the Cure, I want to celebrate YOU!

I am taking part in the Race For The Cure this Saturday in Aspen, CO. I want to make sure that all of my Courage Friends are with me! Please friend me and add your name to my post, tell me if you are a survivor or previvor. I will add you to my "In…Read More

Update On Support For Courage Is My Strength

Thank you all for your support! Courage Is My Strength Blog has reached 1,000 visitors since Feb 4th, our YouTube channel has reached over 8,500 views since January, and we're now found on the American Cancer Society site, Valley View Hospital, and will be…Read More

My Crazy Sexy Life

Michele Ray Smith Martineau just posted a link to your cause, Courage Is My Strength ( An amazing story that will touch your life. Make sure to watch the video! Thanks, Michele Ray Smith Martineau Ivm My…Read More


About one month ago our website reached 100 visitors, about 1 week ago we reached 200! Today we have reached over 300, that's 100 new visitors in one week! Thank you to each of you that have joined this cause and visited our site! If you haven't seen our…Read More
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