Congratulate President Obama

Send your congratulations to President Obama and encourage him to work for peace.

E-mail an editor!

E-mail the editor with a letter asking for an end to the war in #Afghanistan.

Stand with us

There is no "good" war! Host or attend a vigil to mark the 8th anniversary of the Afghanistan war.   

Keep up the momentum to cut the F-22!

We just had two amazing victories! Yesterday, the Senate voted 58 to 40 to end production of the F-22 fighter jet. Prior to yesterday’s vote, President Obama threatened to veto any bill that included the F-22. This is significant because presidents are…Read More

How well do you know Afghanistan?

Take our quiz and find out! You can show off your knowledge by posting the quiz results on your profile. Take the quiz here:

Afghanistan casualty count

I noticed a discrepancy between the AP's death toll of 642 in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan and the total on our Countdown to Withdrawal site (, so I asked Mary Zerkel in our Chicago office where the discrepancy…Read More

Start your week with some (very bad) jokes

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and welcome to Monday! Start your week with bad jokes from our latest One Minute for Peace video ...
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