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Climate Changed: Millions Of Americans Already Living Beyond Temperature Goal
by Environmental Defense Fund
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  • Sharon
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    Microplastics found in rain in theRocky Mountains. Hottest July on record. Increasingly severe weather leading to reduction in crop yields, loss of life, destruction to property, and increased insurance premiums. Water in Flint, Michigan unfit. Increased earthquake activity in areas where fracking occurs. Weather station above Antarctica reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Glaciers in retreat and collapsing. Climate change deniers claim that what is occurring is a natural planetary cycle. Maybe. However, about 97% of climate experts agree human activity is responsible. So, if it’s a natural cycle, we are responsible for the rapidity and/or intensity of the change. We are, according to experts, nearing a point of no return and, possibly, acceleration of effects. The US is one of the richest countries and one of the largest contributors to the problem. We must rejoin the effort to stop and, if possible, reverse this process. How can I not care about this toxic legacy? Please fight the efforts of the Trump administration to expose public lands to environmental damage and roll back environmental protections, including the Endangered Species Act.


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