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Should Students Be Allowed ‘Mental Health Days’?
by Causes
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  • Skeeter
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    If taking a mental health day means going to mental hospital. I agree. I grew up in the 1950’s and all the following decades, never have I seen such discourse in this country. I remember when the democrat party was my party for the working class people, and the Republican Party was for the rich people. Seems now it’s the Republican Party that is for the working class and the Democrats are for destroying what was good about this country. Why? If somebody had told me this country would someday become so divided that free speech would only be free for Democrats. I would have thought them nuts. Not my country land of the free. No way. And now I see it’s true. People can only talk to people who think the same way. Won’t and can’t listen to any other ideas or thoughts. It’s all about calling people names, people that people don’t know. It’s insane to me. Democrat supporters can do something harmful to a Republican supporter, and nobody including the media cares. Even the people in congress and senate don’t publicly call an end to the violence. They want this country divided. Their supporters have been told to harass, create a mob let Republican supporters know they are not welcome anywhere. Who does that. Never have I seen or heard of this in all my years growing up. Why do you fear us? Fear leads to hatred, not kindness. We are not a threat to any one. We as Republican supporters are for peace not violence. As Rodney King once said: can’t we all just get along. Stop the gun violence, all violence. Give me back my country that I love please. The 60’s were all about love and peace, let’s get back to that. Hate takes so much more energy than love. You may not like this President, but hey, he’s not gonna be president forever. I don’t always like my elected officials either, but in time they will be voted out. No violence required. In the real world, you learn to deal with stuff. You don’t try and erase history, good or bad. It’s what brought us where we are today. Good or bad we deal, because we don’t have a choice.

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