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House Judiciary Committee to End Recess Early to Take Up Gun Control Bills
by Causes
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  • JTJ
    Voted No

    Hey Peter, before you accuse "Man from Nebraska" and the rest of us conservatives of being "intellectually dishonest," how about you do some research on the subject you obviously know nothing about. -You don't know anything about "assault weapons" or "weapons of war." I assume you are talking about the AR-15 which is neither. It IS however, an excellent self defense weapon and sport rifle. -What "debate that needs to happen" are you talking about? You are not interested in conversation or debate, you are only interested in bulldozing the rights of law abiding citizens with your self righteous opinions, that are not based in fact. -The USA's "reputation as a gun-loving abattoir run by the NRA" is nonsense perpetuated by the liberal media. The US does NOT lead the world in mass shootings, and gun violence is NOT an escalating epidemic. You also obviously know nothing about the NRA, except what the media spoon feeds you. -We already have background checks that are pretty universal, bad people still get guns and shoot people. -High capacity magazines? What "expert" is to decide what is "high capacity". Apparently you want honest people to be outgunned by criminals. YOU AND THE REST OF THE LIBERALS NEED TO BE "INTELLECTUALLY HONEST" AND ADMIT THAT WHAT YOU WANT IS TO RELIEVE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS OF THEIR RIGHT TO DEFEND THEIR PERSON, HOME AND FAMILY WITH A FIREARM. And stop being a dick to other members on Countable.

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