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Trump: ‘We Have to Start Building Institutions Again’ to Address Mass Shootings – Do You Agree?
by Causes
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    One of the highest common denominators in mass shootings is mental illness. However the statistics above are slightly misleading. When you look at mass shootings on a percent of the population basis, the United States isn’t even in the top ten. Would funding more mental institutions improve mental health in this country, I doubt it. The government throws billions at poverty and drugs and has made no improvement in those problems. Mass shootings are terrible and unfortunate but they are statistically very rare even if they are increasing in number in the last few years. It is very difficult to create a policy to deal with something that is a statistical outlier. I believe these mass shootings are also somewhat self reinforcing by media coverage and social media and may encourage people to carry out acts of violence who might otherwise not have done so. When looking at the problem of gun violence you should be more concerned with suicide and gang violence, because that is where most gun deaths are occur. The other problem with regulating guns is the amount of times that a gun is used to defend a person in this country. Using data from the FBI and the CDC you’ll find a gun is used by a law abiding citizen16 to 100 times more in defense than there are homicides. And yes, guns are even used to stop mass shootings, this has happened many times, and I know if I’m ever attached in a mass shooting, or otherwise, that I would like the opportunity to defend myself.


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