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House Judiciary Committee to End Recess Early to Take Up Gun Control Bills
by Causes
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  • Bhuvanesh
    Voted Yes

    People kill people, but guns make them much much better at it. Guns need to be regulated like any dangerous item. The security of citizens should take precedence over the interests of hobbyists, hunters and corporations such as the NRA. I would suggest the following steps (obviously negotiable in the interest of getting something out): un violence ▪︎ limits on magazine size ▪︎ banning all workarounds ▪︎ requiring any person with over 5 firearms to have a collector's license ▪︎ requiring permits for ammunition beyond a certain limit ▪︎ requiring all firearms to be registered ▪︎ requiring safety training and background checks (including for transfers, and ALL sellers must do a NICS check) ▪︎ requiring firearms to be locked in a safe ▪︎ red flag laws, including making it harder for domestic abusers or mentally ill people to get guns ▪︎ mandatory police reports for stolen weapons (if no report, the owner is responsible for any crimes committed) ▪︎ gun sales only in stores or gun shows ▪︎ gun laws at the state or federal level ▪︎ businesses should be able to prohibit guns (concealed or open carry) in their premises ▪︎ permanently ban AR-15 assault rifle, AK-47, other assault weapons ▪︎ repeal "Stand Your Ground" laws ▪︎ repeal second amendment ▪︎ repeal Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (2005) ▪︎ revoke NRA's tax-exempt status (nonprofit status) ▪︎ re-sign and ratify UN Arms Trade Treaty

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