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Trump: ‘We Have to Start Building Institutions Again’ to Address Mass Shootings – Do You Agree?
by Causes
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  • Dylan
    Voted No

    No mental institutions. Most cases you are admitted after a crime has been committed. Need to prevent the crime not try to recover from. I don’t think these institutions be profitable to run or affordable to people. Taking away guns and/or very strict gun control that prevent majority of people to maintain a gun is not the answer. People want their guns and are going to get it somehow. Guns isn’t the issue because any type of weapon can be used to kill people such as knife, car, your actions and more. If you commit such a awful crime you should face the death penalty. Eye for an eye. You make penalties more harsh you’ll see improvements in societies behavior. Nowadays people are being diagnosed with all kinds of mental illness when really they just need a reality check.

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